A logo refers to a symbol or an emblem used by a firm to project its unique identity to people so that it’s easily recognizable. In fact, a logo is the face of your business and must create lasting impression in your customers’ minds. If not adequately designed, it definitely means a big compromise for you and your business. Here are top 4 reasons why a logo is important for your business:

  1. A logo is strong, visual identity of your firm

How many of us remember the full name of the firm we have seen recently in newspaper, invoice or magazine ad? Not many! This situation can be avoided if your business has a well-designed logo. It is a lot easier to remember a logo than a name.

  1. Grabs consumers’ attention

Do you know, most viewers spend less than 3 seconds to view a full webpage and form first impression about a business- good or bad! And the next thing they notice is the company logo! So, all you have got is just 3+1 seconds to impress your consumer. Can you still take a risk? A logo must speak strongly for your company.

  1. Distinguishes you from your competition

Always dare to be unique and different from your competition. This is because, your logo tells the consumer why you are unique. For example, if you are a café owner, think about opting for a logo which has green, earthy colors which simply indicates that your café is committed for preserving the planet by following eco-friendly practices.

  1. Promotes brand loyalty

Consumers love consistency, which breeds loyalty! So, in order to make your logo popular and inculcate brand loyalty among your consumers, it is important for a business to reinforce its presence through its logo. Think about it. When looking for a good sportswear in a market place full of brands, if you notice a track suit with Nike swoosh, you would immediately buy it. The reason is simple. Nike is the brand you trust. This trust is built through a well-designed logo, which fosters brand loyalty in a longer run.

Get a logo for your business now

Creating a strong, impressive logo is the first step towards any company’s marketing efforts. Crystal Ball Designs has created several impressive logos for hundreds of brands, which has helped them establish trust and loyalty among their consumers. If you are also looking for a logo that rules the hearts and stays in minds of consumers, get in touch with our design team today!